The institute considering the needs and expectations of interested parties shall incorporate the best available concepts, materials, systems and technologies:
Building - workspaces and associated utilities
• Training facility Building
Process systems and equipment
• Classroom - workspace - waiting areas e.t.c. furniture
• Multi-purpose simulator facility
• Conference/debriefing room AV system
• Multimedia software & Training aids
• Technical Libraries and digital resources
• Office - classroom equipment
• Computer utilities
• Web site
• Accreditation of the institute's training courses
• People awareness and Training
• Training programs software procurement and/or development
Supporting services
• Telephone exchange (2 ADSL lines & 6 extensions)
• Consumables

This high performance training facility supports the institution’s mission by delivering the following five key benefits:
• Better Student Performance
• Increased average daily attendance
• Increased teacher satisfaction and retention
• Reduced operating costs.
• Ability to use the facility as a teaching tool
• Healthy and productive classrooms configured to comfortably
seat 6 to 16 students with white Boards and work
desks-bookcases-seats according to ergonomic and functional
• Quality audiovisual infrastructure including high-definition
projectors, projection screens, DVDs and printing materials
1. Training with the help of video films.
2. Operation of the training programs in demonstrative or
interactive modes and accompanied by required visual and
audible information.

Multi-purpose simulator facility
The institute will use suitable for the training objectives simulators for simulator-based training. These simulators will form a multi-purpose simulator facility which occupies 85 square meters in an area of 2 storey building.
Awareness and Training
To support the achievement of the institute’s objectives and the development of the employed people planning for education and training needs shall take into consideration the following:
• The institutions’ nature and culture
• The development of people
• Tacit and explicit knowledge
• The needs & expectations of the interested parties

Training programs software procurement and/or re-design/design & development
The institute plans and controls the design and development of the training programs by considering present external and internal inputs, reviewing new acceptance criteria, purchase requirements, production and service provision.


As a Maritime educational and training Institution, EIM following STCW95 specific quality & performance standards develops & provides courses & seminars in line with the market demands & experience. The Centre as well as the provided courses & seminars are accredited under ISO 9001:2000 Quality standard & DNV NO. 3.201 Training standard by Det Norske Veritas
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