To continuously update the standard of competence of the marine officers at sea.

Mission and purpose
To apply learning through application by providing simulator training programs that will benefit professionals from the marine industries.

Institution’s Philosophy
To provide acceptable benefit-driven value added services to its customers.
To provide simulator training programs that will be supported by state-of-the-art simulators and workshops facilities and literature.
To seek accreditation of the simulator training programs by National and International organizations and Authorities.
To continuously calibrate a balanced commercial policy.
To establish strategic partnerships and links with various reputable international maritime organizations in order to apply research studies & develop special projects in maritime activities.
To create synergies with marine product manufacturers who share common customers in Greece by providing these customers local product training services.

Teaching Philosophy
The objective of eIM will be to develop and deliver simulator-based training tailored to statutory - industry & clients specific requirements, which will be supported by:
• State-of-the-art simulators suitable for the selected
objectives & training tasks, facilities and literature;
• Practical “hands-on” experiential exercises to allow the
effective assessment of the performance of the participants;
• The necessary classroom lectures and discussions.


Communication, knowledge of changing technology and rapport with students:
• The challenge for our trainers is to instil not only the skills but also
the attitudes necessary to ensure that the safety objectives will be met.
• All instructors are evaluated for their skills in effective
communication, knowledge of changing technology & rapport with

The business system
EIM Maritime Centre will concentrate on the development of excellent skills in delivering modern flexible training.
It will be a marketing organization which considers the customer as the boss and it will develop marketing and sales skills to recruit and maintain the top maritime business as customers.
Organizational structure and management style
eIM’s management will adopt a cooperative style of management working as a team.

As a Maritime educational and training Institution, EIM following STCW95 specific quality & performance standards develops & provides courses & seminars in line with the market demands & experience. The Centre as well as the provided courses & seminars are accredited under ISO 9001:2000 Quality standard & DNV NO. 3.201 Training standard by Det Norske Veritas
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