Founder, Owner and General Manager of the Centre, Mr. John Martinos -
a Rear Admiral H.N - Electrical Engineer NTUA, BSc, MSc.

EIM Maritime Training Centre was founded in
1990 and its main objective was to provide underpinning knowledge to the students of Merchant Marine Academy and the deck and Engineer officers studying KESEN State School
. more

Given the nature of the ship environment and the changes in the modern shipping arrangements, today it is of paramount importance the:
• Shaping of a safety culture
• Need for effective management
• Development of teamwork skills
• Effective communication skills
• Knowledge base
Healthy, productive and sustainable for students and teachers.
This high performance training facility supports the institution’s mission and includes:
Electronic classrooms more

• To accredit most of these courses by an independent third party organization.
• To apply an effective and efficient assessment system to measure the attendees’ knowledge & understanding to the performance of relevant tasks.
• To meet the the required by the STCW95 specific Quality and performance Standards.
• To offer properly designed courses & seminars in line with the new market demands & experience.
• To provide appropriate teaching facilities & equipment.
• To apply suitable for the training objectives  simulators for simulator-based training.


•Certified under ISO 9001:2000
standard by DNV.

•Upgrade its teaching facilities and
equipment to fully satisfy the quality

•Designed and developed new courses
to support the new training needs.

•Its new training courses accredited by
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) to assure
compliance with the requirements of
the DNV standard No. 3.201. more
To provide education and training programs and to apply learning through application by providing simulator courses that will benefit professionals from the marine industries.
As a Maritime educational and training Institution, EIM following STCW95 specific quality & performance standards develops & provides courses & seminars in line with the market demands & experience. The Centre as well as the provided courses & seminars are accredited under ISO 9001:2000 Quality standard & DNV NO. 3.201 Training standard by Det Norske Veritas
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